INTRODUCING LOCK30 - Locking Power Extension Cord

The last extension cord you will ever need.

LOCK30 - What is it?

LOCK30 is an innovative lockable extension cord that was introduced into the Canadian market in late 2016.  This ingenious device made its debut at the Fall Home Show in September of that year. The product was selected by the show’s management as one of the favourites of Fall 2016 show and featured on Tina’s Fall Favourites. It was also demonstrated on a segment during CityTV’s Breakfast Television.

The concept of a lockable cord is not new. Currently, all commercially available locking cords utilize an external button or rotary switch. This is the design fault of these other products. Having an external mechanism makes the cord prone to accidental release due to cord movement or external force against the switch.  In the case of a rotary switch, they are easily broken, thus rendering the cord useless.

With its patented design, LOCK30 addresses the shortcoming of these existing products by eliminating the need for an external, raised switch.  With a simple push and twist motion, the plug is locked and unlocked with ease.

As for the name... It is a 30° turn to lock and unlock a plug.  Hence LOCK30.


Hold and insert fully.

Push and turn CLOCKWISE.




lock30 10m
U.S. Patent 9,362,672 B1
Polycarbonate shell for high durability
NEMA 5-15R plug
SJTW Cable


ETL Listed
The LOCK30 connector has been tested, and complies with the requirements and standards for cord sets and power supply cords.


UL Verified
The cable complies with UL-817 standard for cord sets, UL746C for outdoor sutability & UL94 V-0 flamability standard.

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Standard Lengths
10 m (32') 15 m (49' 2") 30 m (98' 5")*
* 30 m vailable in black and orange only

Cable Gauge

  • 14 AWG
  • 12 AWG (special order)



For corporations and industry professionals, we offer volume discounts as well as the ability to customize each cord to your specifications.  Available customization include:

Cord Length (5 m increments)
Cord Colour
Label Branding

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